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Rodney Atkins' 2008 Fan Club Party

Carl Black Chevrolet - June 3, 2008


Rodney Atkins at his 2008 Fan Club Party.

Rodney Atkins at his 2008 Fan Club Party.

Amber Joiner

When you first hear that Rodney Atkins' fan club party is going to be held in the garage at Carl Black Chevrolet in Nashville, you would be kind of skeptical. That was all diminished once the party started. There were drinks, sandwiches and wings provided by Hooter's for everyone to enjoy.

Rodney hits the stage

Everyone got to stake their spot by the stage which had a small catwalk. Rodney and the guys hit the stage around 7:30 pm to everyone's loud approval. It was a full-band show with Rodney giving off more energy with every single performance than I had ever seen before.

He did the following songs, in order: "These Are My People," "About the South," "In the Middle," "Watching You," "Cleaning This Gun," "Invisibly Shaken" (a crowd favorite, you haven't heard anything until you hear this one live), "Worst 15 Minutes" (from his upcoming new album, tentively due sometime this fall) and everyone's favorite, "If Your Going Through Hell." The entire show was very loud with everyone singing and clapping along with every word he sang.

After the party, everyone lined up to have their meet and greet in the showroom. Rodney's little buckaroo, Elijah, was seen riding around in a golf cart and waving to those wanting to say hi to him. Rodney truly is an amazing artist with a heart of gold, taking the time to meet every fan individually and really listen to what someone has to say to him. He not only is an amazing artist, he is an amazing person.

At the end of his set, Rodney said something that very well sums up his entire party, "I always say my fans are more like my friends. This party proves that, I haven't seen some of you guys in a year since the last party, so to me, this feels like a family reunion".

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