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Rascal Flatts Concert Review - Air Canada Center - November 1, 2006

Taylor Swift Opens the Show


Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Bobbi Smith

Awesome. Energetic. Entertaining. Fantastic. Absolutely Incredible. You can pick any or all of these adjectives to describe Rascal Flatts in Toronto on Wednesday night! The Flatts came north of the border, finally, and it was well worth the wait. They say good things are worth waiting for and Joe Don, Jay, and Gary did not disappoint. I was a fan of the group before, but after seeing them live I have found a new appreciation for the men and their music.

The night got off to a great start for me when I ran into a couple friends who let me in on a little secret I didn't know about. I discovered how I could get myself a pit pass and stand between the stage and the catwalk for the entire night! Thanks for the tip ladies, you made it one amazing night for me.

When I first purchased my tickets to the show I was told that Eric Church and Gary Allan were the opening acts. I am not aware of the exact details of Eric's departure from the tour, but his spot was filled by a huge talent in a small pair of boots. I had no idea until a few days before the concert that the new opening act, Taylor Swift, was just 16 years old. When I heard this I was really looking forward to seeing what this young woman had to offer. Now, after seeing her performance, I am quite sure she'll be in the business for many years.

Taylor took to the stage in a knee length dress and the cutest pair of red boots with a scull and cross bones on them. She had a bright smile and seemed absolutely thrilled to be on that stage. I was very impressed with her stage presence and her ability to interact with the audience so easily. A lot of times newer, and especially younger, acts haven't learned how to connect with the audience and they seem nervous, or distant. But Taylor exhibited none of that. She talked between songs and took command of the stage with ease.

Reminding us that she was just 16, Taylor set up the song "Tear Drops On My Guitar" by telling us how she had a crush on a boy in her class. The boy had no idea and was always telling Taylor about this other girl that he really liked, and Taylor wrote a song about how it made her feel. She remarked at one point, "I always try to be nice... but if you break my heart, you cheat on me, or you're really mean to me... I'll write a song about you." And at just 16 years old she's got quite an amazing collection of songs already. She just released her self-titled album last month.

When she sang her first single "Tim McGraw," which is currently climbing the charts, you could tell she was impressed by the people she could see singing along. Taylor asked for some help later in the song and the audience held up their cell phones when the song talks about the "Georgia stars." It was a very cool effect, the audience looked like a sky full of stars.

The brief set seemed to fly by and after closing with a fun upbeat tune called "Picture to Burn," Taylor was gone. I was definitely impressed by this young woman, and I think she's going to have a wonderful career ahead of her.

Taylor Swift Set List:

  • Play it Again
  • Tear Drops on my Guitar
  • Should Have Said No
  • Tim McGraw
  • Picture to Burn

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