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Keith Urban Concert Review - Cleveland, OH - November 5, 2005



Keith Urban in Concert - Cleveland, OH

Keith Urban in Concert - Cleveland, OH

Sue Bauman

As the excitement began filling the air in the arena, I sat there anxiously waiting to hear those first few notes from the Beatles classic, "Hello." Right on schedule the lights dimmed, the cheers began, and the music started. On two huge screens and coinciding with the music, the word 'Hello' in all different languages and then a pre-recorded welcome message from Keith began playing. With the stage still dark and the crowd searching for the first glimpse of the man they all came to see, loud cheering began coming from the back of the floor area as a huge tent-like apparatus appeared brilliantly lit up above a platform. It was inside that apparatus that fans thought they would get their first glimpse and all heads turned to the back of the arena. Keith had his own plans for a grand entrance and casually walked out on the stage through a stairway that lifted up to reveal him underneath. All eyes scurried to the front as the first few notes of "Days Go By" began, turning the crowd's cheers into a deafening roar.

Breaking right into favorites from his Golden Road and Be Here CD's,"You Win," "God's Been Good To Me," "Raining On Sunday," and "You're My Better Half," Keith used every square inch of two side stages that raise him up almost into the second tier of seating. Fans along the sides were treated to some up close guitar solos and had no problem showing him how much they loved his performance. I would be hard-pressed to figure out who was feeding off who more. Keith loved them and they loved him back, loudly.

It seemed as though he didn't even have time to breathe till he took time out to read a few signs from the audience. Needing help holding the microphone during "You Look Good In My Shirt" he called to the stage the author of one sign that read, "I Love You and You Love Me, You Just Don't Know It Yet, So Kiss Me!" The very lucky fan made her way to the stage where Keith gave her the kiss she had asked for. Directed to the rear of the stage where she layed down on the stage next to Keith, she held the microphone as Keith laid on his back, played guitar, sang, and gave her a memory she will never forget.

With a mini-stage set up near the rear of the floor seats, Keith and his guitar are whisked up and over the crowd on a trapeze. Giving even more fans an up-close view, he performs "But For The Grace Of God," "Making Memories Of Us," and "Jeans On" with just his guitar and beautiful voice.

Yet again, as amazed as I was at Keith's ability to mesmerize the audience, I couldn't help but notice his band doing the same thing. Keith arrived back on the main stage from the trapeze and disappeared while two bandmates took over on vocals. Jerry Flowers and Chris Rodriquez gave us a version of Aerosmith's old classic, "What It Takes," that I will not soon forget. I have no idea when it was but sometime during the song Keith took over on drums for Chris McHugh. Fans loved it and Keith looked like he was having a blast. Chad Jeffers and Steve King complete this incredible group of musicians. All of them including Keith were on fire all night long.

I think Keith was a little overwhelmed at the audience that night. He thanked us for the incredible amount of energy he felt coming from us, told us it was a very magical night and how glad he was to be back in the States performing. He had just returned from a very successful but brief tour in Germany and the UK.

As the night was way too quickly coming to a close, and Keith began his 3 song encore of "Tonight I Wanna Cry," "Better Life," and "These Are The Days," I couldn't help but to ponder some of the lyrics from that last song. "These are the days that we'll remember. These are the days that won't come again. The highest of flames becomes an ember, and you've got to live them while you can." I think we all could learn from these beautifully written words.

Set List:

  • Days Go By
  • You Won
  • God's Been Good To Me
  • Raining On Sunday
  • You're My Better Half
  • You Look Good In My Shirt
  • Homespun Love
  • Live To Love Another Day
  • But For The Grace Of God
  • Making Memories Of Us
  • Jeans On
  • What It Takes
  • You'll Think Of Me
  • Nobody Drinks Alone
  • Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me
  • It's A Beautiful Day
  • Somebody Like You
    • Tonight I Wanna Cry
    • Better Life
    • These Are The Days

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