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Best Sites for Guitar Chords and Tabs

Learn how to play your favorite country songs with these helpful websites.


eric church performing at bamajam

Eric Church rocking out on acoustic.

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Back in the day, guitar players learned how to play a song by listening to it over and over. Most serious musicians still advocate that trial-and-error method, but with the Internet, it's gotten a lot easier for beginners to pick up the guitar and play.

All the same, it's hard to find quality sites for guitar tablature and chords. Here are some of the best, although none of them are perfect.

  • Cowboy Lyrics

    Cowboy Lyrics features up-to-date guitar chords on the latest country releases and a library of material by older artists. Its clean interface distinguishes it from the cluttered look of similar sites. That said, the search function could use some work. If you search for guitar tabs, you often wind up with song lyrics instead.

  • Chordie

    Chordie doesn't specialize in country music but there's still a lot to like here. Web-surfing pickers will enjoy less aggressive advertising and a comprehensive collection of tabs across genres. This site has a no-frills interface that many users will love. On the other hand, it might be a little too simple for some tastes.

  • Johnny Cash Chords

    This easy-to-navigate fan site should be your first stop for Johnny Cash chords. The songs are listed alphabetically and there are no ads to bog you down. Unfortunately, the site's library of songs is less than comprehensive. If you're looking for a lesser-known Cash tune, you may have to look elsewhere.

  • Country Tabs

    This tablature site also specializes in country music, but seems to have a greater selection of songs than Cowboy Lyrics. Country Tabs also features a built-in guitar tuner, auto-scrolling, and an application that shows the fingering for the chords. But all that comes with some big drawbacks. The site is plagued with ads. Expect pop-ups every time you search for a song and animated advertisements with sound. Those bells and whistles put a drag on the load times of the website and, for many guitar players, will be unnecessary.

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