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Best Country Singer Twitter Pages

Connect with your favorite country singers on Twitter


carrie underwood at the 43rd CMA swards

Carrie Underwood staying wired at the 2008 CMA Awards.

Image courtesy of Charley Gallay / Getty Images

Not all Twitter feeds are created equal; some are little more than marketing newsletters. That's not the case with these country singers who give you a glimpse into their offstage lives, complete with vacation photos, off-color comments, and spelling errors.

Here are the best Twitter feeds from country stars.

    Lauren Alaina
  • Twitter page
  • Best tweet: "Taxi man took me to the wrong Hilton & the people at this Hilton garden inn in Gaithersburg, Md are making us wait out in the cold for a cab"
    Jason Aldean
  • Twitter page
  • Best tweet: "Let me get this straight... "Badminton" is an Olympic sport, but baseball and softball are not. Am i missin somethin here?"
    Luke Bryan
  • Twitter page
  • Best tweet: "Hey y'all good morning. I feel great. About to eat a lovely all american breakfast. Wine, beer, champagne, and more beer. Yee haw"
    Dierks Bentley
  • Twitter page
  • Best tweet: "best bday present ever! came home to find new toilet! 1.6/1.0 gallons per flush, 4:11 Positrac outback, 750 double pumper, Edelbrock intake,"
    Lee Brice
  • Twitter page
  • Best tweet: "Appreciate y'all's concern about my bus catchin' on fire! We're very grateful that no one was hurt and that there wasn't too much damage."
    Kenny Chesney
  • Twitter page
  • Best tweet: "ABC. Right now. CMAs. Check it out."
    Billy Currington
  • Twitter page
  • Best tweet: "an old songwriter told me once that if it don't make u wanna laugh, cry, dance, or have sx then don't write about it cause no one will care"
    Colt Ford
  • Twitter page
  • Best tweet: "Are Cheetos less fat if you are Naked and Drinking Diet Mt Dew? Just tryn to figure this world out It does not say on the Bag. It should say"
    Alan Jackson
  • Twitter page
  • Best tweet: "Shooting 'Long Way To Go' video in Florida today... complete with a mariachi band!"
    Lady Antebellum
  • Twitter page
  • Best tweet: "did I mention I'm driving bc after 8 hrs in airport our flight was canceled? but my trusty ford fusion rental sure is zippy. #loveit -ck"
    Miranda Lambert
  • Twitter page
  • Best tweet: "Spring cleaning in December! Blake even cleaned the garage and people that is HUGE! No more random carcasses!"

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