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Country Singers on Twitter

Connect with your favorite country singers on Twitter.


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Did you hear the one about...?

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    Martina McBride
  • Twitter page
  • Best tweet: "Watching Swamp People. I'm glad I sing for a living."
    Neal McCoy
  • Twitter page
  • Best tweet: "Stairclimbers suck!!! I mean the machines:)"
    Scott McCreery
  • Twitter page
  • Best tweet: "Me and the band are playing cornhole at a laundromat in Idaho! Hahah. Having some fun waiting for them clothes to dry.."
    Reba McEntire
  • Twitter page
  • Best tweet: "I salute all Pearl Harbor survivors. Thank you for all you did for our country."
    Justin Moore
  • Twitter page
  • Best tweet: "Me and the girls are headed to church, then dinner with the family. Last day off before starting the year. 'after church a Sunday meal'"
    Craig Morgan
  • Twitter page
  • Best tweet: "Shopping for a suit with my son love hanging with him but hate I mean HATE shopping"
    David Nail
  • Twitter page
  • Best tweet: "I wish I could reach out and hug my new followers and pass along a large grape/watermelon slush from Sonic!"
    Jake Owen
  • Twitter page
  • Best tweet: "My Dad was just cutting out coupons in paper and said to my Mom, 'Honey, $2 off Trojan warming lube.' I almost puked up my Percocet."
    Brad Paisley:
  • Twitter page
  • Best tweet: "I will be changing my name to "The Band Paisley" tomorrow."
    Rascal Flatts
  • Twitter page
  • Best tweet: "Columbia!!! You guys rocked!! Peoria!!! Y'all ready for some tonight?!?! Who's comin?!?" (Jay DeMarcus)
    John Rich (of Big and Rich)
  • Twitter page
  • Best tweet: "Just watched a python eat a lamb on the discovery channel.....strangely reminded me of the music business."
    LeAnn Rimes
  • Twitter page
  • Best tweet: "We have some VERY exhausted big and small boys in this room.....snowboard central! All the kids are rocking it!!!!"
    Blake Shelton
  • Twitter page
  • Best tweet: "My favorite thing about being a musician? No one cares when I announce that I'm going to my room to play with myself..."
    Taylor Swift
  • Twitter page
  • Best tweet: "Darius Rucker came out and sang with me tonight in South Carolina! such an amazing crowd! Hard to believe we only have 2 shows left.."
    Josh Thompson
  • Twitter page
  • Best tweet: "Thinkin bout makin a Polka record."
    Thompson Square
  • Twitter page
  • Best tweet: "Daddy just came out of surgery a-ok. Can't thank you all enough for your prayers and messages.:) Shawna xoxo"
    Chely Wright
  • Twitter page
  • Best tweet: "You know what I miss the most after having come out? I miss having the opportunity to entertain the troops like I used to do so often."
    Chris Young
  • Twitter page
  • Best tweet: " Been hanging out/fishing with Little Jimmy Dickens all afternoon. Damn cool."
    Zac Brown Band
  • Twitter page
  • Best tweet: "Cat poop in the grass: you don't notice it until AFTER you step in it."
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