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Country Music Single Releases - What to listen for on Country Radio

Week of June 19, 2006


Shooter Jennings - Electric Rodeo

Shooter Jennings - Electric Rodeo

Universal South

Shooter Jennings - "Gone To Carolina"
While a bit 'rockin',' this track still really has me thinking Waylon. Sure Shooter's his son but for some reason I can see Waylon doing the song. That being said, I really like it and hope country radio gives 'ol Shooter a shot. Country needs guys like him.

Taylor Swift - "Tim McGraw"
Taylor is a new signee to Big Machine Records and she has great potential based on this hook filled track. Still just a teenager, Taylor reminds me vocally of Jessica Andrews (who was signed to DreamWorks by Big Machine President Scott Borchetta). This song is also a perfect song for a young singer to sing with a title that will have people calling radio asking them to play 'that Tim McGraw song'. Perfect. Should be a Top 10 hit.

Povertyneck Hillbillies - "Mr. Right Now"
Recently signed to Rust/Universal Records, The Povertyneck Hillibillies are trying to get their first hit with this song. It has a twangy catchy melody and the singer has a Warren Brothers like vibe going on. So that makes me think that this humorous "Toby-like" song won't do too well.

Blue County - "Fireworks & Ferris Wheels"
After their first hit "Good Little Girls," Blue County had a couple other singles do marginally well but my expectations for their CD weren't met. This fun, nostalgic track features a sound that reminds me of Bon Jovi. I expect this one to be at least a Top 20 hit.

Tracy Byrd - "Cheapest Hotel"
With Trace Adkins taking over Tracy's place as the designated "novelty" singer, Tracy gets to sing meatier songs like this one that suit his great baritone vocal much better. it's a song that tells a story that sadly happens everyday in the USA: a man who cheats on his wife. I hope this independently released single (Tracy started his own label, a hip-hop staple that's becoming a trend in country nowadays) does well for him, he certainly deserves it.

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