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Country Music Single Releases - Week of September 25, 2006

What to listen for on country radio


Keith Anderson - Three Chord Country & A

Keith Anderson - Three Chord Country & American Rock & Roll

Arista Nashville

Keith Anderson - "Podunk"
Let me be frank. I love everything on Keith Anderson's album, Three Chord Country, and American Rock and Roll. I don't know why "Every Time I Call Your Name" didn't make it to No. 1. It's a darn shame. "Podunk" is something I think a lot of people can relate to. Not everyone lives in a huge city, and this will appeal to small town folks. He talks about how he wants to get out of the town, and in the end, he meets a girl and they end up moving right back to his Podunk town again. You know what they say... there's no place like home.

Faith Hill - "Stealing Kisses"
This is one of my favorite tracks from her Fireflies CD. Faith has always had an incredible voice, but her delivery is extra expressive on this track. Add to that the fact that I love ballads. This one's a winner. Let's request Faith another No. 1 song.

Billy Currington - "Good Directions"
Billy Currington's Doin' Something Right is one of my favorite albums, and this song always made me chuckle at the ending. I love the story of the big time city girl and the good ole country boy getting together just from him giving her directions. Cute, cute, cute!

Little Big Town - "Good As Gone"
Little Big Town has got to be one of the hottest new country groups around these days. I loved them back when they were on Sony, but they've really come unto their own on Equity, proving that you don't have to be on a major label to be successful. Touring with Keith Urban gets them great exposure, but it's nothing without great songs like "Good As Gone," from their The Road To Here album. This one features the vocals of the ladies, plus those killer harmonies. With its upbeat tempo, it's sure to get you up and moving.

Ty Herndon - "Right About Now"
I heard this song on Ty's MySpace website. It's really a pretty cool song, with some R&B overtones. Ty really does sing ballads well, and this is no exception. I just hope radio will give this one a chance. Could be Top 20, if it gets played, 'cause I think fans will like this one. Not only that, but it'll be great to hear Ty back on radio again.

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