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Country Music Single Releases - Week of October 2, 2006


Jake Owen - Startin' With Me

Jake Owen - Startin' With Me

Arista Nashville

Jake Owen - "Startin' With Me"
Jake Owen put out a great sounding record this year, and this is the title cut. In it, the man takes a look back at the things he's done in his life that he doesn't like, and wishes he could change a lot of things, starting with himself. This is a very different sort of sound from Jake, as fans that don't have his album may only know him from his first single, the upbeat party song, "Yee Haw."

George Strait - "It Just Comes Natural"
This is the title cut to George's 34th studio album. This is a different sound than the first single, Give It Away, but just as good. He sings that loving his lady is something that just comes natural. Do I hear a fifty-fourth number one record calling?

Clay Walker - "'Fore She Was Mama"
It's good to hear something new from Clay Walker again. Clay does ballads so well, but he also can rock out the mid-tempo songs, like this one. It's got a really catchy chorus that will stick in your head.

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