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Country Music Single Releases - Week of September 10, 2007

What's new on country radio?


Bucky Covington - Bucky Covington

Bucky Covington - Bucky Covington

Lyric Street Records

Bucky Covington - "It's Good To Be Us"
I think this is a great followup to "A Different World." The tempo is faster and is about a good topic - being in a relationship where everything is perfect. Listen
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Eric Church - "Sinners Like Me"
The lyrics in this song really give you a visual picture for the story Eric is trying to tell when he sings. The background music has just enough to give the song some kick, but I'm glad it doesn't have that overly-produced sound. I don't think the song would have been as good. Can't wait to hear this one on the radio. Listen
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Kellie Pickler - "Things That Never Cross A Man's Mind"
Love it! This is my kind of song. Kellie Pickler's personality really comes out in this single and ladies will definitely love singing along to it! I hope it does well for her. Listen
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Taylor Swift - "Our Song"
"Our Song" should help Taylor Swift continue her successful run with her debut album. I like the way she writes her songs because there's a young, fresh sound to them. Listen
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Chuck Wicks - "Stealing Cinderella"
This new artist has a wonderful voice. "Stealing Cinderella" is a great song, but might be a little too heavy to release as a first single considering how new he is to the charts. Listen

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