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Country Music Single Releases - Week of February 2, 2009

What are the latest country music singles to hit radio?


Read Jenn's thoughts on the new country music singles that are released for the week of February 2, 2009.

Jamey Johnson - "High Cost Of Living"

Jamey Johnson - That Lonesome Song
Mercury Nashville
This is a GREAT song and I just hope it doesn't get pushed aside because it tackles a controversial topic (drug use). I'm of the opinion that things might not be pretty, but ignoring a problem won't make it go away so you might as well get it out there in the open. Listen

Montgomery Gentry - "One In Every Crowd"

Montgomery Gentry - 'Back When I Knew It All'
Columbia Nashville
It was inevitable that Montgomery Gentry would release at least one "party" song from their album. As much as I like "One In Every Crowd" I think "I Pick My Parties" (with Toby Keith) would have been a better option since the duo also has Toby to feed off of for energy's sake. Listen

Billy Ray Cyrus - "Back To Tennessee"

There's a special quality to this single that might be able to help people get past "that one song" from Billy Ray Cyrus's past and realize there's so much more to the man than something from two decades ago. Where would we all be if we were still catching flack from something so long ago? Billy Ray wrote this song after finding out he would be returning back to Tennessee (from California) to film a Hannah Montana movie with daughter, Miley.

Bluefield - "Ready To Love You Now"

What I like about "Ready To Love You Now" is how Jennifer Hicks' vocals and the background music start out sounding whispy and dream-like before taking on a heavier tone as the song progresses and emotion builds. The addition of Rick Farrell's voice adds another layer. Listen

David Nail - "Red Light"

David Nail's previous single provided proof that his musical influences were varied and with "Red Light" there's slightly more of a twang to the vocals. The story is a bit harsh, in that on sunny Sunday afternoon a woman abruptly decided to end the relationship with the man. No fight, no warning - just the end. He's now left wondering where it all went wrong while others move around him carrying on their own lives. Listen

Justin Moore - "Small Town USA"

Justin Moore - "Small Town USA"
The Valory Music
With a voice like Justin Moore's, you'll never be left wondering what type of music he plays and sings. It's country and it's to the core going by a listen to "Small Town USA." It's refreshing to hear such a traditional artist out there trying to make a name for himself. We should have more of these types of songs on the radio. Listen

Gloriana - "Wild At Heart"

Gloriana - "Wild at Heart"
Emblem Music Group
What a refreshing sound to be found in "Wild At Heart." The group has recently been added to open for Taylor Swift and LeAnn Rimes - talk about a perfect fit. Gloriana reminds me a lot of Little Big Town with their own sound mixed in as well. This is a really catchy song that would have anyone singing along in no time. Listen

Trailer Choir - "What Would You Say"

Trailer Choir - "What Would You Say"
Showdog Nashville
This single will really pull an emotional punch on anyone who happens to listen. That's not the only effect it will have - chances are you'll be left wondering about what you would say in a letter to loved ones if you knew you were down to the final minutes of your life. Would you be confident that the impact you made was a positive one? Listen
Download/Purchase (Available February 3, 2009)
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