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Country Music Single Releases - Week of April 20, 2009

What are the latest country music singles to hit radio?


Read Jenn's thoughts on the new country music singles that are released for the week of April 20, 2009.

Bucky Covington - "I Want My Life Back"

I like the production and overall sound for Bucky Covington's latest single "I Want My Life Back." It is one of those great story songs that requires a person to listen to the full thing to get the whole story. And it makes you realize that you can find someone who has been through your situation or something similar just about anywhere. To use it as inspiration to better your specific problem takes a special person, which is what the man in the song is attempting to become. Listen

Taylor Swift - "You Belong With Me"

Taylor Swift - Fearless
Big Machine Records
Taylor Swift always writes and sings songs that relate to a wide group of people in one way or another. Although this was probably written with a high school perspective in mind, I think even adults can place themselves in situations like this either in the past or in present times. It continues the artist's tradition of having a little something for everyone, so it's no wonder she has such a large fanbase. Listen

Darius Rucker - "Alright"

Darius Rucker - Learn to Live
Capitol Nashville
This is such a positive song and I would expect nothing less than a great new single from Darius Rucker. His music has really surprised me and so it continues with "Alright." All it takes is the simple things in life to put a smile on your face. Not only is that the spirit of the lyrics but it's guaranteed to do the same for whoever hears it. Listen

Richie McDonald - "Six Foot Teddy Bear"

Richie McDonald - "Six Foot Teddy Bear"
For as tough as men try to act while out different places such as work, chances are when they get back home to their wives or children they turn right back into another teddy bear of a husband / father. A good thing about this song is that it is told from the perspective of a man who isn't afraid to admit he likes those warm, fuzzy feelings. Listen

Zona Jones - "Bluer Than Blue"

I've been waiting a long, long time to hear new material from Zona Jones. His last album made a huge impact with me and even though it was released years ago, I still have it in heavy rotation. "Bluer Than Blue" is a refreshing taste of traditional country music in a sea of of songs that could very well put a bad taste in some listener's mouths. This should be in heavy rotation on anyone's radio dial.
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