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Dixie Chicks

Links to websites on the Dixie Chicks.

Dixie Chicks Profile
A Profile of Country Music Group the Dixie Chicks.

Dixie Chicks - Fly
Despite the daunting task of recording their sophomore album and hoping they would at least match the success of Wide Open Spaces, the gals really knocked one out of the ballpark with Fly. The album has gone on to sell over 9 million copies.

Dixie Chicks - Home
The album contains the Top 5 single, "Long Time Gone," as well as the beautiful covers of Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide," (set up to be the next single, and Bruce Robison's "Travelin' Soldier." Add to that a spirited instrumental named for Natalie's son, "Little Jack Slade," and you have another winning album.

Dixie Chicks - Wide Open Spaces
The Dixie Chicks were originally a quartet that played mostly bluegrass and country classics. Dropping two of the members and adding Natalie Maines, and changing to contemporary country did the trick. The Chicks were off and running and haven't looked back, selling over 11 million copies of the album so far.

The Dixie Chicks - Taking The Long Way
Review of the Dixie Chicks' "Taking The Long Way" CD.

Dixie Chicks Concert Review - Sacramento, CA
Here's my review of the Chicks show opening for Tim McGraw in July 1999.

Dixie Chicks Concert Review - Las Vegas, NV
Here is my review of the Dixie Chicks show in Las Vegas, NV in July 2003. Complete with photos and slideshow.

Dixie Chicks (Official)
This is the official Dixie Chicks page. Get the latest news, read the girl's bios, listen to audio clips and view video clips, get tour dates and post on the message board.

All-Inclusive Dixie Chicks Page
If you're interested in the Chicks history from the very start, this is the page you'll want to visit. Find out how the Chicks started, and read about the previous members of the group.

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