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Gene Watson - Gene Watson Sings His Greatest Hits

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Gene Watson - Gene Watson Sings His Greatest Hits

Gene Watson - Gene Watson Sings His Greatest Hits

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Bottom Line:

Legendary singer Gene Watson brings to life some of his greatest hits on a new DVD in a live concert. Gene has been a strong force in the country music world since the mid-seventies and has finally released a DVD that everyone of all ages can enjoy. This DVD was videoed many years ago, live at Church Street Station in Orlando, Florida. Although the quality was shaky at times, for any Gene Watson fan this is a must for your collection.

Gene Watson Sings His Greatest Hits is now available on DVD, and it is full of great songs. Gene Watson has performed all over the world, and now you can own an entire concert to watch over and over again right in your living room. Jumping right into hit after hit, Gene takes you down memory lane starting with the unforgettable song "Fourteen Carat Mind," which is about a man constantly trying to buy his wife's love. "No One Will Ever Know" is a catchy tune that shows the heartache of a man, who has lost his love, but no matter how he feels, "No One Will Ever Know." If you love good, classic country music, "Speak Softly, You're Talking To My Heart" is the song for you. It's a great tune, where he is asking her to at least "Speak Softly, You're Talking To My Heart." "Farewell Party" is performed without flaw and tears at your inner feelings. This emotional song has been recorded by many, but Gene brings raw feelings and heart-wrenching truth to death, and how his ex-wife or girlfriend would surely show up at his funeral. Not only would she show up, she'd be happy, and would no longer have to deal with him. Now, unless you're in this cheating situation, "You're Out Doin' What I'm Here Doin' Without" is a great song, with obvious country roots and turns the traditional situation around on the men, because now she is cheating. I have always loved to hear Gene's "pure country" voice, but this song was the icing on the cake.
"Nothing Sure Looked Good On You" is a wonderful classic that only Gene Watson's voice could pull off. Simply describing how "when we were down to nothing, nothing sure looked good on you." Another great tune that is unbeatable is Gene's classic, "Pick The Wildwood Flower." It is a smooth flowing country song that makes you reminisce your own country upbringing, and also brings you on a journey through the life of one man. Gene even describes how "I'm glad I wasn't there to see my mama, cause she must of cried for hours. "Love In The Hot Afternoon" is one of the hot, steamy songs that I mentioned earlier and describes a young couple, how they are able to pass time in the hot summer, so again the title says everything completely. Gene also brought in a special guest, the beautiful and talented Denise Price. Denise sings three great numbers and it was obvious she had the crowd in the palm of her hand. Gene Watson is a classic country singer, and this DVD, which appeared to have been recorded a number of years ago, gives you that classic feeling. After being a Gene Watson fan for many years, I was pleased to see something new come out of his. It is an honor to see him live, but if you can't, this DVD is the next best thing. If you love Gene Watson, you will love watching Gene Watson Sings His Greatest Hits.

Song List:

  1. Fourteen Carat Mind
  2. No One Will Ever Know
  3. Take Off Them Shoes
  4. Speak Softly, Your Talking To My Heart
  5. Farewell Party
  6. Your Out Doin' What I'm Here Doin' Without
  7. Nothing Sure Looks Good On You
  8. What She Don't Know Won't Hurt Her
  9. Pick The Wildwood Flowers
  10. Love In The Hot Afternoon

Special Guest Star Denise Price

  1. One Of A Kind
  2. Can't Even Get The Blues
  3. Somebody Everybody's Had
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