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Glen Campbell - Glen Campbell Good Times Again

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Glen Campbell - Glen Campbell Good Times Again

Glen Campbell - Glen Campbell Good Times Again

Time Life

Glen Campbell Good Times Again Bottom Line:

It seems these days when they release DVD's of old shows, they leave one important thing out and that is quality. Well, that is not the case on a new DVD of performances that were filmed live on the "Glen Campbell Good Time Hour." Obviously it is impossible to put every performance on one disc and even if they released them all it would take hundreds of discs to get the whole collection, so until then, fans can enjoy Glen Campbell - Good Times Again.
In 1969, while America was in the middle of the Vietnam War, people were looking for anyway to get their minds off the issue. There was also a new kind of show that was being introduced on television. These new shows were variety acts and it seemed every celebrity had one. Whether it was The Smothers Brothers, Hee Haw, Sony and Cher, or Carol Burnett, this kind of show was huge and the audiences ate them up.

Hollywood introduced another variety show to the country, but this one would end up being different. Due to the wide range of musical guests and fellow celebrities that helped out with the show, there were always new ideas to be added to it. With live acting and comedy, there was plenty of room for laughs and good times. The newest show was being introduced by a young country singer named Glen Campbell.

Glen decided he would take this project one step forward by leaning the show more towards music instead of just acting out skits. The end result was phenomenal. By having more music and not just limiting the shows to acting, he was able to have multiple guests on his show every week. Inviting all of his friends from every style of music let his fans see just how diverse he was. The new audience that this show drew did wonders for the music world by bringing multiple genres together. The show also had a warm feel with a friendly atmosphere which helped fit Glen Campbell's "boy next door" appearance.

When you put the DVD in, prepare yourself for a real treat. You are going to see performances by artists from across the board. One thing that is impressive, Glen even invited songwriters on the show. You will see artists that are still performing today and some who have already passed, but left their talents to be seen forever. Some stars need a double take not only because this was taped almost forty years ago, but also because some have gone through total changes, looking nothing now like they did then.

Glen does perform a few songs by himself, but for the most part he shares the stage with a smile allowing other artists to entertain with him. One partnership that was created from this show was the duets with Glen and Bobbie Gentry. They went on to win awards and sell tons of records. Legendary Ray Charles joined Glen one night to perform "Cryin' Time." Watching these two legends will make you appreciate the music they created. Anne Murray and Linda Ronstadt were no strangers on the show, and neither was Cher who appeared singing "All I Really Want To Do." Willie Nelson performed "Hello Walls," but you will do a double take when you see him. He had short hair and clean shaven. Out of all the performances there is one that stands out. Rick Nelson teamed with Glen on "Louisiana Man."

If you only get one musical DVD this year, make it Glen Campbell - Good Times Again. There is nothing out there like it.

DVD Tracks:

  1. Wichita Lineman
  2. Comedy Skit (with and The Smothers Brothers)
  3. For Once In My Life
  4. Carolina In My Mind (with Linda Ronstadt)
  5. Cryin' Time (with Ray Charles)
  6. Let It Be Me (with Bobbie Gentry)
  7. Galveston
  8. Louisiana Man (with Rick Nelson)
  9. All I Really Want To Do (with Cher)
  10. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (with Anne Murray)
  11. King Of The Road (with Roger Miller)
  12. By The Time I Get To Phoenix
  13. True Grit
  14. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head (with B.J. Thomas)
  15. Folsom Prison Blues (with Johnny Cash)
  16. Hello Walls (with Willie Nelson)
  17. Gentle On My Mind (with Johnny Hartford)
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