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Johnny Cash - 'The Johnny Cash Christmas Special 1979'

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Johnny Cash - 'The Johnny Cash Christmas Special 1979'

Johnny Cash - 'The Johnny Cash Christmas Special 1979'

Shout Factory

The Johnny Cash Christmas Special 1979 Bottom Line

Thanks to Shout Factory, Johnny Cash fans can enjoy The Johnny Cash Christmas Special 1979 on DVD. There is a wide variety of acts that gathered together in order to make the holidays unforgettable for this show. You can watch Johnny Cash sing some of his hits as well as team up with Tom T. Hall, June Carter Cash, and even Anne Murray.

A Little Background

When Johnny Cash first signed with Sun Records, he just wanted to sing and make records. He had countless hits that started in the 50s and he continued to crank out hits even after his death.

It seemed that everything Johnny Cash touched turned to gold, as well as making a huge statement along the way. Johnny has always been known to "Walk The Line." So much that he even had a huge hit with song about this subject. There wasn't a situation too strong or too bad for Johnny. He sang about murder, drug addiction, alcohol abuse, and still managed to bring God into the mixture.

Over the years, when someone mentions the "Man In Black," he somehow becomes a philosophical figure in a world full of corruption and deceit. Johnny Cash related to the underdog. In every book, article, or even the movie that was based upon his life, Johnny struggled as a child and continued to struggle well into his adult years for his father's love, acceptance, and even recognition. Often feeling lost, Johnny turned to drugs and alcohol, which caused heartaches and troubles for everyone around him.

Most people think that he served time in prison, but that is not true. Although he did have episodes with the law, he never served actual prison time, but these encounters did open him up to the idea of performing live shows in prisons throughout the country. For some, this way of life didn't seem natural, but Johnny knew what it was like to be given up on, so he wanted to make sure these "outcasts" still had someone to lean on.

The Johnny Cash Christmas Special 1979is now being released on DVD. In 1979, comedian Andy Kaufman made his mark in television as he interrupted Johnny on several occasions, trying to sing and prove his love for country music. Andy proved that there was plenty of room for comedy and music on the same stage.

Johnny performed his huge hit "(Ghost) Riders In The Sky," and as soon as Anne Murray hit the stage with "You Needed Me," it was clear that her talent was just as amazing then as it is today. This song is about someone who accepts the fact that their better half actually needs them. There isn't anything out there that can compare to this song. Anne's voice is so smooth and pure, and helps make this DVD so special.

Tom T. Hall was one of the special guests on this show. He performed "That's Why You Have To Be You." This is a great song, but isn't as good as some of his bigger hits. Unfortunately, the only other full song that he sings is "Christmas Is," but there is a medley of songs that give the audience a sample of Tom's musical catalog.

Johnny teams up with June Carter Cash for "If I Were A Carpenter," and she comes back out for her solo "Back Up And Push.

Could Use More Christmas Music

Bringing this DVD to an end is "Let There Be Peace On Earth." For a Christmas video, there really isn't a ton of music that reflects the holidays, but it is still a great collection.

Release Date: October 7th, 2008 - Shout Factory

The Johnny Cash Christmas Special 1979

  1. Opening (Andy Kaufman Comedy Sketch)
  2. (Ghost) Riders In The Sky (Johnny Cash)
  3. Five Feet High And Rising (Johnny Cash)
  4. You Needed Me (Anne Murray)
  5. That Christmasy Feeling (Johnny Cash and Anne Murray)
  6. The Ballad Of The Harp Weaver (Johnny Cash)
  7. That's Why You Have To Be You (Tom T. Hall)
  8. Tom T. Hall Medley: Country Is (Johnny Cash and Tom T. Hall), Old Dogs, Children And Watermelon Wine (Tom T. Hall), The Year That Clayton Delaney Died (Johnny Cash and Tom T. Hall), I Love (Johnny Cash and Tom T. Hall), Country Is (Johnny Cash and Tom T. Hall)
  9. If I Were A Carpenter (Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash)
  10. That's When Your Heartaches Begin (Andy Kaufman)
  11. Christmas Is (Tom T. Hall)
  12. Back Up And Push (June Carter Cash)
  13. Christmas Wishes (Anne Murray)
  14. Let There Be Peace On Earth (Johnny Cash)
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