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Trace Adkins & Travis Tritt - Live in Concert

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Trace Adkins & Travis Tritt - Live in Co

Trace Adkins & Travis Tritt - Live in Concert DVD.

The Bottom Line

Fans of Trace and Travis will love to add this live concert DVD to their collection. While not a full shows worth of songs for both, it's a teasing sample of the great shows they both put on. Plus you also get extra features of a biography, photo gallery, discography, backstage pass (technical tips) and meet the band.
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  • "Put Some Drive in Your Country"
  • "Then They Do"


  • Wish the concerts were longer. Only approximately 30 minutes each.


  • Two live shows from two of Nashville's finest artists.
  • Filmed for the PBS Soundstage shows.
  • Includes bonus footage of Lyle Lovett's Soundstage performance.

Guide Review - Trace Adkins & Travis Tritt - Live in Concert

When I was informed of two new "Soundstage" DVDs coming out, one being this Trace Adkins & Travis Tritt, and the other a show from Lyle Lovett, I immediately jumped on getting this DVD. I've seen both Trace and Travis in concert, and they put on some of the best shows around, so I was interested in owning a copy of one of their shows.

The first concert is from Travis Tritt, who opens his six song set with "Put Some Drive in Your Country." You can see Travis' easy going manner with the audience, and the audiences enthusiasm for the show.

Trace's set is also six songs in length starting with "(This Ain't) No Thinkin' Thing," and closing with the touching "I'm Tryin'." The crowd is really into his show as well and are on their feet clapping and singing along with the songs.

The extra features are: Biography, Photo Gallery, Discography, Backstage Pass, and Meet the Band. Plus view two songs from the Lyle Lovett Soundstage DVD as well. It doesn't matter if you've seen both these artists or not, you will enjoy the two concerts on this disk, and like me, probably be wanting even more of these two popular artists.

The only thing I'd ask for is more of each of the shows. They are under 30 minutes each, and I would have liked to have seen more.

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