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Eric Church Biography


Eric Church

Eric Church

Sue Bauman

Eric Church Basic Facts:

Name: Kenneth Eric Church
Birthday: May 3, 1977
Hometown: Granite Falls, NC

Country Style: Contemporary Country

Eric Church Songwriting:

Eric finds his inspiration for songwriting in many places. After seeing the movie The Green Mile, he was inspired to write the song "Lightning."

Musical Influences:

Suggested Eric Church Songs:

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Eric Church Biography:

Kenneth Eric Church was born on May 3, 1977 in Granite Falls, NC. As a teenager, he bought a guitar and taught himself to play. He also started writing songs. By the time he reached his junior year in high school, he had a regular gig in a local bar.

After high school, Eric attended Appalachian State University, where he majored in marketing, and obtained his degree. He made a deal with his father that in return for graduating from college, his father would pay for his first six months in Nashville. He used this time to make contacts in town, and eventually landed a publishing deal at Sony/ATV Tree Publishing.

He was introduced to producer Jay Joyce, and after playing a showcase, was signed by Capitol Records, with Joyce producing his album. Sinners Like Me was released in 2006, and the first single, "How 'Bout You" became his first Top 20 hit. Two additional singles also made the Top 20 -- "Two Pink Lines" and "Guys Like Me."

Eric released his sophomore album, Carolina in 2009. The lead single called "Love Your Love the Most" is moving up the country charts.

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