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About Ernest Tubb


Ernest Tubb

Ernest Tubb

Ron Newcomer

Ernest Tubb, despite a wavering singing voice and a dirt-poor background, remains one of the great legends of country music. He recorded some of the most-requested and most-loved country songs of all time, including

"Walking The Floor Over You" and "Waltz Across Texas." Tubb was born in 1914 in the little town of Crisp, Texas, and grew up a sharecropper, listening to Jimmie Rodgers and spending his spare time learning how to play and sing (and yodel). It was when he wrote to Rodgers' widow to ask for an autographed photo that a friendship formed, and with her help Tubb came to the attention of RCA Records. Tubb joined the Grand Ole Opry in 1943 and formed his band, the Texas Troubadours. He remained a regular member of the Opry for four decades, and hosted the Midnight Jamboree afterward at the famous Ernest Tubb Record Shop (which still operates today). Tubb was a brilliant businessman and knew how to choose talent. His Troubadours were formed of some of the greatest players in Nashville, including producer/piano player Owen Bradley and pedal steel virtuoso Buddy Emmons. Tubb also recorded duets with a young Loretta Lynn (and was one of her greatest heroes), and played himself in the movie about her life, Coal Miner's Daughter. He passed away in 1984 after a battle with emphysema.

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