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Gloriana Biography




Emblem Music Group

Gloriana Basic Facts:

Band Members: Tom Gossin, Rachel Reinert, Cheyenne Kimball and Mike Gossin
Hometowns: The Gossin brothers are both from Utica, NY. Rachel Reinert was born in Sarasota, FL. Cheyenne Kimball was born in Jacksonville, NC.

Country Style: Contemporary Country

Gloriana on Tour:

Gloriana opened for LeAnn Rimes on dates through February 2009, and will join Taylor Swift on the road for her Fearless tour.

Musical Influences:

Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, Keith Urban, Ryan Adams, Tom Petty, Sheryl Crow.

Download Gloriana Music:

Similar Artists:

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Recommended Albums:

Gloriana doesn't have an album out yet. Their self-titled debut is due out in the summer of 2009.

Gloriana Biography:

The band Gloriana consists of brothers Tom and Mike Gossin, Rachel Reinert and Cheyenne Kimball. The band started in 2007, when Mike and Tom moved to Nashville and found Rachel through her Myspace page. They had never thought about adding a female voice to their act, and they loved the sound of her high harmony with their own.

Soon after, Cheyenne caught the trio performing in town, and loved them. After the show, she went up to them and asked if she could jam with them sometime. When they did, there was magic. In a press release, Rachel is quoted as saying, "The three of us definitely felt we had something special, but when Cheyenne came into the picture, it was really complete. The four-part harmony felt right, and the sound was spectacular."

The band spent the next six months getting songs together, and playing shows, getting their sound down pat. Next, they recorded a demo, which they sent to Emblem Records, a new label founded by Matt Serletic, known for his work with Willie Nelson and Matchbox20 among many others. They loved what they heard, and signed the band to the label.

Next came the songwriting process. The band began writing with and being pitched songs by such noteworthy songwriters as Brett James, Trey Bruce, Stephanie Bentley, Aimee Mayo, Wayne Kirkparick, Chris Tompkins, Josh Kear, Chris Lindsley, Danny Myrick, Chuck Jones, Kevin Kadish, Kyle Cook and Ben Glover.

As the songs started coming together, the group would test them out at their weekly performance at Bakersfield's Crystal Palace. This helped them hone their stage skills, and see which songs the crowds enjoyed the most.

The Recording Begins

By this time, the band had a total feel for what they wanted their music to sound like. They recorded all the tracks of their debut CD at John and Martina McBride's Blackbird Studios, with Justin Niebank mixing the tracks.

"Wild At Heart" is the first single from the band's upcoming debut CD, which comes out later this year.

Opening Spot on the Fearless 2009 Tour

Taylor Swift liked what she heard from Gloriana. So much so that she chose the group as her opening act, along with Kellie Pickler for her first headlining tour starting in the middle of April.

With their soaring four-part harmonies and electric stage presence, the future looks bright indeed for this amazing quartet.

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