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Different Types of Country

Which Type of Country Is For You?


Types of country:

Country has many varied styles. The traditional mountain music sound of the Carter Family and Jimmie Rogers, who was known as the Father of Country Music is a far cry from what you hear on most of today's country music stations.

So, which kind of country is for you?

Chances are, if you didn't grow up loving country music, you're a recent convert. Maybe you heard a Faith Hill song on the radio and thought.. hey, I like that. Then, you decided to explore her music some more and found out that she's not pop, she's country. (Well, actually she's country-pop now, but she used to be only country) So, you investigate a little further and you find out she's married to this guy, Tim McGraw. You decide you'll give some of his music a try, and find out, you like him too. Pretty soon, you start listening to country radio stations and you find out there's a whole lot of it that you like. Maybe some you don't like as much. That's true in any genre. After a while you find out that you're listening to country radio more and more often, and you'd like to learn more. You're hooked!

Country-pop artists are often one of the ways that people that never listened to country music come on over to the country side of things. But, there are other types of country you might want to explore. In this lesson, and those following you'll find examples of some the different styles of country music.

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