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Jason Aldean - 'Night Train' Album Review

Small towns, back seats, and bar stools

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night train album cover

Jason Aldean - 'Night Train' (2012)

Image courtesy of Broken Bow Records

Jason Aldean sticks to the formula on Night Train, his follow-up to 2010's My Kinda Party. Those who flocked to his earlier chart-buster will find little to criticize in this studied new effort, even if it trails behind its predecessor in the songwriting department.

The small-town odes "Water Tower" and "This Nothin' Town" revisit territory explored more shrewdly in "Fly Over States." Growling guitars and bristly fretwork are Aldean signatures, and they animate the traveling tunes "Wheels Rollin'" and "Night Train." But too often the songs are weighed down by arena-rock white noise and watery lyricism.

Cushioning the sharp edges are the requisite love songs -- the high-octane "When She Says Baby" and anthemic "Talk." The latter is one of the few songs that could compete with the best tracks on My Kinda Party.

Other highlights include the weird but wonderful "1994," a country-rapper that gives a shouts out to '90s mullet king Joe Diffie, and the posse cut "The Only Way I Know," featuring Luke Bryan and Eric Church. Both tunes are close cousins to Aldean's genre-defying "Dirt Road Anthem."

Despite feeling like a retread, there are few true clunkers here (the less said about the maudlin stripper song "Black Tears" the better). Listeners willing to play the law of averages are encouraged to roll the dice.

Best Songs

  • "1994"
  • "Talk"

Track List for 'Night Train'

  1. "This Nothin' Town"       
  2. "When She Says Baby"                 
  3. "Feel That Again"            
  4. "Wheels Rollin'"               
  5. "Talk"    
  6. "The Only Way I Know" (featuring Luke Bryan and Eric Church)  
  7. "Take a Little Ride"         
  8. "I Don’t Do Lonely Well"              
  9. "Night Train"  
  10. "1994"                  
  11. "Staring at the Sun"       
  12. "Drink One for Me"        
  13. "Black Tears"     
  14. "Walking Away"               
  15. "Water Tower"                

Release date: October 16, 2012

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