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Matt's Songwriter Spotlight - Hugh Prestwood


Since being discovered in 1978 by Judy Collins, singer/songwriter Hugh Prestwood has made an impact on country music listeners with his distinct and poetic song lyrics. Collins had a hit with "Hard Time For Lovers" and went on to record five more songs. One of the rare country songwriters who typically writes songs by himself, Hugh Prestwood has found success over the last 28 years with five No. 1 hits including Randy Travis' "Hard Rock Bottom Of Your Heart," Collin Raye's "On The Verge" Shenandoah's "Ghost In This House" and Trisha Yearwood's "The Song Remembers When."

Prestwood's other hits include Highway 101's "Big Bang Boom," Michael Johnson's "That's That," Kathy Mattea's "Asking Us To Dance" and Anne Murray's "Feed This Fire." Other artists like James Taylor, The Judds, Vern Gosdin, Conway Twitty, Tanya Tucker, Don Williams, Lee Greenwood, Ty England, Marty Raybon, Sammy Kershaw and Alison Krauss and Union Station have recorded his songs. The sheer number of hits and song cuts has garnered Hugh many awards, including a 1994 Emmy Award for "The Song Remembers When."

Since the early 1980s, Hugh has taught "Advanced Songwriting" for the New School in Manhattan, a short drive from his home on Long Island, New York. Also while in Nashville or other cities in the country Hugh can often be found teaching songwriting workshops for NSAI. With his steady stream of hits and willingness to share his craft, Hugh Prestwood has become well-respected by his peers and singers alike. It is that friendliness that comes through in his songs and possibly why Hugh Prestwood was nominated for the NSAI Songwriter Hall of Fame in 2006.

If you are a fan of Hugh Prestwood's songs you might also like to know that he has released an album of his songs. The Fate Of Fireflies has 15 well-done tracks that showcase a man with a strong baritone voice that recalls James Taylor.

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