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MP3 Downloads

Places to download MP3 files.

Best Buy MusicNow Download Store

Best Buy in collaboration with MusicNow offers individual MP3 songs for 99 cents (US) each, or CDs for $9.95. For $9.95 a month you have unlimited access to streamed music, programmed commercial-free radio and "tethered" downloads which can not be transferred to a CD or portable music player. Requires software download.


Files range from 79 - 99 cents each, and are in DRM (Digital Rights Management) Windows Media format. This allows you to still burn the files to CD or copy them to a portable player. Windows Media Player must be used to play, burn or copy the files.

iTunes Music Store

With its library of over 13 million songs, Apple's iTunes music store offers one of the most comprehensive places to buy music on the Internet. Its user-friendly interface also makes it one of the easiest. Users can also buy music videos and rent movies.


MP3's can be found in many different country gendres, from traditional to rockabilly, bluegrass, swing, Christian, contemporary, and western.


BMG, EMI, Warner and Zomba have teamed up with AOL, RealNetworks and others to offer this service for $9.95 (US) per month. ($3.95 per month extra for AOL users). There are over 250,000 songs available by many of today's top artists, but they expire in 30 days (unless renewed) and can't be copied to other computers or devices.

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