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Nashville Star 4 - Episode 7

Casey Rivers is the 'voice' of the competition. -- Anastasia Brown


Casey Rivers performs

Casey Rivers performs "How Great Thou Art" on Episode 7 of Nashville Star.

USA Network

Next to perform is Casey Rivers.

In his pre-recorded clip, we see Casey going home to Lindale, TX.

"Well, here I am in my hometown of Lindale, TX. The home of good country living.' He's welcomed home by his family. He says, 'This is where I grew up. Ever since I was a little kid, this is my hometown. But, it's also hometown to another Nashville Star, Miranda Lambert. But now, hey, this is for me. They've got flags up in town saying Welcome to River Country.' He gets greeted by other people in the town. He does a meet and greet, and then they show him singing for the fans. His parents say that they know Casey would not be happy doing anything else besides singing. Casey says, 'When I was about 3 years old, I began singing. And, I found out the years growing up, that God gave me a voice. What I have is simply because of what God gave me.'"

Casey performs "How Great Thou Art."

Anastasia: Hallelujia, Casey. Wow, you moved my soul. And you are the 'voice' of the competition. But, until I see Matt and Chris, I cannot *say* you are the Nashville Star.
Phil: They're gonna have to do something to beat that. That's all I gotta say. If this is a competition, dude, I would hate to follow you right now. It would be a nightmare.
Scott: I mean, on a technical level, you nailed that note at the end. I mean, your pitch was perfect. Your tone was perfect. I think that was a great selection. The song selection. I mean that is the beautiful thing about religious hymns is when somebody picks a song like that, and the emotions behind it, and the convictions behind that you feel it and you believe everything about it when you listen to it. I was really impressed.

Wynonna: I think we had a little bit of church here tonight on Nashville Star. What do you think? I have a personal relationship with that song. I sing it every night. This is a pretty powerful show, millions of people watching. Why did you pick a gospel song?
Casey: Well, for one thing, I think country's roots start in country. I mean starts in gospel. Plus, I hope everybody knows that I am a country singer. But, at the same time, I know where I got my abilities from. And it's to Him that I give all the glory, praise and honor. Tonight was about Him to me.
Wynonna: Casey Rivers, everybody.

My Thoughts: What a great performance. Casey has a marvelous voice, and I'm sure that he'll get a recording contract from his time on the show. I still think Chris will win.

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