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Casey Rivers Profile


Casey Rivers

Casey Rivers

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Casey Rivers



Astrological sign:



Lindale, TX

Instruments played:

Guitar and Saxophone

What's on your playlist:

I love so many different styles of music, from southern gospel to country to heavy metal. There's not much that I don't like as long as it's in good taste. I am huge on good, meaningful, clean lyrics.

Three things you couldn't live without:

OK, I'm going to be very serious on this answer. The three things I couldn't live without are, no doubt, God, family, and friends. All three of these deal with a common thing and that is love. I have a great love for, first of all God and it is God that has allowed me and provided me the love I have for family and friends. God's word says, "And these three remain, faith, hope, and love, and the greatest of these is love."

Dream duet partners:

Brad Paisley or Carrie Underwood or Carrie Underwood or even maybe Carrie Underwood.


Casey started singing in church at the age of 3. By the time he was 6, he was performing in school talent shows, at 8, he performed as the entertainment at his first professional rodeo, by 11, he knew he wanted to be a professional country artist.

After high school, Casey took voice, stage, guitar and songwriting courses to further his music career. His love of many types of music from Elvis to country, 50s, Broadway, and gospel formed him into a character all his own. He soon found himself opening for professional artists on major labels, fueling his desire to reach the top of the music industry.

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