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Chris Young Profile


Chris Young

Chris Young

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Chris Young


June 12, 1985

Astrological Sign:



Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Instruments played:

Guitar and a little piano

What's on your playlist:

Good music: anything from Joe Nichols' "Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off" to Keith Whitley's "Miami My Amy" to Marty Robbins' "That's All Right Mama."

Three things you couldn't live without:

My guitar, paper and pencils, and The Cartoon Network

Dream duet:

George Strait

Big Break:

Won the fourth season of Nashville Star, the reality-based TV show which is similar to American Idol for country music


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  • I Wish I Was Lyin'
  • An Acoustic Country Christmas with Chris Young
  • Chris Young Compare Prices
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