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Matt Mason Profile


Matt Mason

Matt Mason

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Matt Mason



Astrological Sign:



Fairland, IN

Instruments played:


What's on your playlist:

I try to stay with the traditional sound of country music. I play a lot of Waylon, Cash and Merle.

Three things you couldn't live without:

Family, for sure. I have a quilt blanket that my great grandma made -- I can't sleep very well without it. I couldn't live without my guitar.

Dream duet partners:

Merle Haggard


Matt's sound is a combination of traditional country with rock and roll attitude. Matt was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, and taught himself how to play guitar at the age of 11. A fan of Elvis, you could often hear the King coming out of his stereo speakers.

As Matt reached mid-high school age, he took a trip during Spring Break down in South Florida, where he entered a talent show. The crowd's reaction fueled Matt's desire to make it as a country artist.

Matt has opened for Charlie Daniels, Vern Gosden, Mel McDaniel, Jennifer Hanson, and Brian McComas at various shows.

After graduating from high school, Matt moved to Nashville, where she's earned a gig at Tootsie's Orchid Lounge, where he continues to chase his dream.

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