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Nashville Star Season 5 Finalist Whitney Duncan


Whitney Duncan

Whitney Duncan

USA Network

Name: Whitney Duncan
Age: 22
Hometown: Scotts Hill, TN
Instrument played: Electric Guitar

Whitney Duncan grew up in the small Tennessee town of Scotts Hill. Her voice has a bluesy-rock edge to it that Whitney attributes to her longtime influences of Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Shania Twain and Tanya Tucker.

Whitney opened the 2006 CMA Music Festival, singing the National Anthem, and the next day performed a set on the Riverfront Stages, where she wowed the crowd with her song, "Skinny Dipping."

Whitney Duncan Fun Facts:

  • What is your favorite show/movie/book? Show: 24. Movie: The Godfather (all three). Book: The Bible
  • What would your dream vacation be? Completely secluded in a cabin in the woods next to a lake with warm water.
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