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Cledus T. Judd - Not Just a Parody Artist

Ray Stevens Tribute album will help benefit the Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation


Cledus T. Judd

Cledus T. Judd

If you're like me, when you hear that Cledus T. Judd is coming out with a new album, you think instantly that there will be lots of great new parodies of popular country songs. Well, Cledus isn't just about parodies. He's releasing a tribute album to the legendary Ray Stevens. Not only is he singing Ray's songs, but he's got some help in the form of some of today's biggest stars helping him out, as well as Ray himself.

But that's not all. A portion of the proceeds of the album sales will go to the Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation, to which Cledus donated $10,000 of his own money towards recently.

The album will be released on Koch Nashville on October 4, 2005, and will contain 13 classic Ray Stevens tracks featuring Cledus and several multi-platinum recording artists, who appear as special guests on the project.

"This particular album is not about me, it's about the comedic genius of Ray Stevens," says Judd. "It's by far the hardest record I've ever done but I feel like it will be the most rewarding. Nashville has rallied around me because it's for a great cause, the Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation, and out of true respect and admiration of Ray Stevens. I got most of it down but never dreamed I would spend 3 days and $2,100 for studio time trying to imitate a camel but in the end Ray agreed to do it.'

Track List:

  1. "Turn Your Radio On" (Daryle Singletary, Ben Isaacs, Sonya Isaacs)
  2. "The Streak" (Cledus T. Judd w/ Ray Stevens)
  3. "Jeramiah Peabody's Green and Purple Pills" (Cledus T. Judd)
  4. "It's Me Again Margaret" (Cledus T. Judd w/Trace Adkins)
  5. "Gitarzan" (Cledus T. Judd w/ Keith Urban)and (Heidi Newfield from Trick Pony)
  6. "The Mississippi Squirrel Revival" (Cledus T. Judd w/Darryl Worley)
  7. "Ahab The Arab" (Cledus T. Judd w/ Phil Vassar)
  8. "The Shriner's Convention" (Cledus T. Judd w/ Charlie Daniels)
  9. "Misty" (Cledus T. Judd w/ Vince Gill/Sonya Isaacs)
  10. "Harry The Hairy Ape" (Cledus T. Judd)
  11. "Would Jesus Wear A Rolex" (Cledus T. Judd w/ Joe Diffie)
  12. "The Haircut Song" (Cledus T. Judd) w/Andy Griggs)
  13. "Everything Is Beautiful" (Cledus T. Judd with Andy Griggs, Phil Vassar, Julie Roberts, Darryl Worley, Trace Adkins, SheDaisy, Rascal Flatts, Erika Jo, Wynonna, Michael English, and Dobie Gray)

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