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Patty Loveless Biography


Patty Loveless

Patty Loveless


Patricia Lee Ramey (Loveless is from her first husband, musician Terry Lovelace)


January 4, 1957


Pikeville, KY


Patty and husband Emory Gordy Jr split their time between homes in Nashville and Dallas, GA.

How she picks her songs:

"Emory and I take car trips and play demos. I'm the programmer and he's the chauffeur. Almost always, after haring just a verse and a chorus and a good title, we can tell what works for us."


ACM Awards
1995 and 1996 Top Female Vocalist

CMA Awards
1993 Vocal Event of the Year for "I Don't Need Your Rockin' Chair,"
1995 Album of the Year for 'When Fallen Angels Fly'
1996 Female Vocalist of the Year
1998 Vocal Event of the Year for "You Don't Seem To Miss Me."

Grammy Awards:
1998 Country Vocal Collaboration for "Same Old Train."

Gold Albums:

'On Down The Line' (1990)<br> 'Greatest Hits' (1993)<br> 'Long Stretch of Lonesome' (1997)<br> 'Classics' (1999)

Platinum Albums:

'Honky Tonk Angel' (1988)
'Only What I Feel' (1993)
'When Fallen Angels Fly' (1994)
'The Trouble with the Truth'(1996)

Billboard No. 1 Singles:

"Timber, I'm Falling in Love" (1989)
"Chains" (1990)
"Blame It on Your Heart" (1993)
"You Can Feel Bad" (1995)
"Lonely Too Long" (1996)


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