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20 Classic Gospel Songs of the Century - Various Artists

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20 Classic Gospel Songs of the Century - Various Artists
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The Bottom Line

People have forgotten in recent years that gospel and country often overlapped, to the point where the term "Christian Country" seems a little like an oxymoron. Songs like "Wings of a Dove" and "Coat of Many Colors" were chart-topping hits. This is, self-described, an album that took country music nearly 100 years to make.
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  • "Go Rest High On That Mountain" - Vince Gill
  • "Wings of a Dove" - Ferlin Husky
  • "Angel Band" - The Stanley Brothers


  • Only one recording per artist.


  • Songs spanning 7 decades from some of the best-known names in country.
  • Something for everyone from the Carter Family to Alison Krauss.
  • Beautiful gospel music, chart-toppers and inspirational favorites.

Guide Review - 20 Classic Gospel Songs of the Century - Various Artists

The songs on this collection were carefully chosen to show off the best of country gospel from artists who have often shown their deep-seated faith with their music whether it was 'gospel' or not. Many of the songs on this collection charted on the country charts, and one went to #3 on the pop charts (Elvis Presley's "Crying in the Chapel"). No matter what one's faith might be, there is little doubt the music on this disc is beautiful.

From the 1935 recording of the Carter Family's original "Can The Circle Be Unbroken" and Hank Williams' toe-tapping, heartfelt "I Saw The Light" to Vince Gill's heartbreaking tribute to his brother, "Go Rest High On That Mountain," the beauty and emotion in these tunes comes through. Listening to a very young Ralph Stanley sing "Angel Band" is a treat for those who are only familiar with the elderly gentleman of "O Brother" fame; and Red Foley's bluesy rendition of "Peace in the Valley" was so definitive the same arrangement was later used by Elvis Presley for his gospel recordings. Speaking of Elvis, I realize "Crying in the Chapel" was chosen because it was his highest-charting gospel song, but personally speaking, Elvis's most powerful gospel recording to my mind is "How Great Thou Art," and that doesn't mean any offense to Connie Smith, who delivers that hymn with great passion here.

From Johnny Cash to Tammy Wynette, Willie Nelson to The Statler Brothers, this disc is a beautiful treat for all lovers of country gospel music.

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