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Kenny Chesney - In My Wildest Dreams

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In My Wildest Dreams - Kenny Chesney

In My Wildest Dreams - Kenny Chesney

The Bottom Line

Re-issued 10 years after it was released, “In My Wildest Dreams” showcases a younger, more traditional country leaning Kenny Chesney. While not the greatest of albums, it does showcase what I always thought about him, that he’s talented enough to be a star.
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  • “The Tin Man”
  • ”Whatever It Takes”
  • ”High And Dry”


  • No hit singles were released from this CD.


  • Originally released by Capricorn Records in 1994.
  • Re-issued by Kenny and BNA Records.
  • Produced By Barry Beckett.

Guide Review - Kenny Chesney - In My Wildest Dreams

Kenny Chesney came onto the country music scene at a time when there seemingly was a major for every hat wearing singer who walked down music row. Signed to Capricorn Records, Kenny released “In My Wildest Dreams” in 1994 to mixed reviews. Most people thought Kenny had what it took to be a popular artist but were unsure of the song selection on the CD. Sure there were 6 songs co-written by Kenny and a pair of songs written by Aaron Tippin and Keith Whitley but they basically “b” level songs.

This CD is most definitely “Top loaded.” The first four tracks, “Whatever It Takes,” “Somebody’s Callin’,” “The Tin Man” and “High And Dry” all would’ve been potential singles back in 1994 (“Whatever It Takes” was one). In fact, “The Tin Man” was supposed to come out as a single when Capricorn Records (also home to Hank Jr. at the time) closed its doors. Kenny and his new label BNA believed in the song so much that it appeared on his first BNA CD and his Greatest Hits CD in different versions both times. The title track is a nice honky-tonker.

This a long-over due re-issue that could give Kenny another gold or platinum plaque for the original Capricorn version was routinely available on Ebay, oftentimes selling for close to $50-$100 a copy. While nothing really special musically, it still shows the potential that Kenny had to be the star he currently is.

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