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Glen Phillips & Nickel Creek - Mutual Admiration Society

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Mutual Admiration Society - Glen Phillip

Mutual Admiration Society - Glen Phillips and Nickel Creek

The Bottom Line

'Mutual Admiration Society' is a spectacular album coming from Glen Philips and Nickel Creek, but what is astonishing is how everything from rehearsals to recording eleven tracks was done in only six days.
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  • "Sake Of The World"
  • "Windmills"
  • "Running Out"


  • None.


  • Features Glen Philips and Nickel Creek.
  • Project rehearsed, recorded, and mixed over six days.
  • All songs written or co-written by Glen Philips.

Guide Review - Glen Phillips & Nickel Creek - Mutual Admiration Society

When you blend together the vocals and lyrics of Toad The Wet Sprockets' lead singer Glen Philips and three "newgrass" musicians known as Nickel Creek, you get a pleasant blend of new material with an acoustic sound. Though Glen sings lead vocals on all of the songs, Chris Thile, Sara Watkins, and Sean Watkins sing harmonies and play their respective instruments.

"Comes A Time" is a wonderfully written story of how different phases of life have their own pace & that is something that cannot be changed. A first taste of something can be bitter yet sweet the next time. "Sake Of The World" is upbeat and Glen has a little bit of attitude in his vocals. "For the sake of the world just forget about me" he sings. "Windmills," is considerably slower, yet beautiful none the less. The calming melody fits in with the subject being about a man who regrets going wherever the wind used to blow.

In the middle of the eleven tracks you will find an instrumental entitled "Running Out," where the fiddle & mandolin can be heard prominently. "Reprise" is another instrumental that is found right before the last song, entitled "Think About Your Troubles." A descriptive song about different kinds of trouble that can be swept away has kind of a French/bluesy sound to it with the accordian mixed in to the music. Sara Watkins' voice is featured as harmony and Sean has solo parts as well. Chris' voice is fairly soft in parts & the notes are higher than usual toward the end of the song.

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