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Revelation - Joe Nichols

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Revelation - Joe Nichols

Revelation - Joe Nichols

The Bottom Line

Joe Nichols continues in the type of traditional country music he included on his debut album, 'Man With a Memory.' All the songs have a good story to them, however there is an overabundance of slow tempo songs.
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  • The Shade
  • Singer in a Band
  • Farewell Party


  • Could use a few more uptempo songs.


  • Sophomore album from Joe Nichols.
  • Recorded on Universal South.
  • Produced by Brent Rowan.

Guide Review - Revelation - Joe Nichols

Joe Nichols previous album, 'Man With a Memory' yielded him four Top 20 hits, with "The Impossible" hitting No. 3.

His current single, "If Nobody Believed In You" is sitting at No. 22 this week and still moving up. The song is very touching. The last verse especially so talking about how we've removed God from the "Pledge of Allegience," and it asks what if God gave up on us because no one believed in him.

There are other thoughtful songs on the album, which is full of slow-tempo songs. Joe tells about the simple pleasures in life in "The Shade," singing "the shade comes free with the tree." In "Don't Ruin It For The Rest Of Us," a group of bowling buddies pick on one of the guys from their group that had the nerve to fall in love.

There are three covers on the album as well. The first, the Gene Watson hit "Farewell Party," which I love. Joe's rich baritone is perfect in this song. The second is a track Waylon Jennings recorded, "Revelation," which will really make you think. It deals with the coming of Christ.The third is "No Time To Cry" recorded by Merle Haggard. Another winner here.

In "Singer in a Band," he talks about hero worship and tells people "I'm humbled when you take the time to hear my life in verse and rhyme, but when it comes to heroes I'm just a singer in a band."

Among the few uptempo tunes, "What's a Guy Gotta Do" is one of the best with its Cajun-flavor.

If you enjoyed "A Man With a Memory," this is more of the fine traditional music Joe Nichols is known for.

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