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Top 10 Essential Reba McEntire Albums


Reba McEntire is one of the most recognized names in country today. She helped pave the way for a new generation of female singers. She is a living legend in her field and is still going strong with new and successful projects including starring in her own TV series. She has performed on Broadway in a title role. She has acted in several movies both on the big screen and made for TV. She is a wife and a mother. Reba chooses what she wants to do and goes all out to make sure it is a success. I've compiled the top 10 albums every Reba fan should have.

Room To Breathe

Room To Breathe - Reba McEntire
MCA Nashville
With the release of Room To Breathe, Reba not only returns home, she triumphantly does so. With 12 songs, Room To Breathe is a competent collection of well written, fun and emotional tunes. In essence, it's a return to form for Reba and should prove to be a critical and commercial success.
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Whoever's in New England

Reba McEntire - Whoever's in New England
MCA Nashville
Reba gives us a glimpse of her incredible musical talent. There is a good mix of up tempo tunes and ballads. This is a wonderful album to put in and relax to.
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Read My Mind

Reba McEntire - Read My Mind
MCA Nashville
One of the most successful Country Music singers ever, Reba McEntire is now known by one name, Reba. The CD, Read My Mind was released in 1994 after her wildly successful Greatest Hits Volume II album.
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For My Broken Heart

Reba McEntire - For My Broken Heart
MCA Nashville
This album was released after the tragic plane crash that took the lives of Reba's road manager and six of her band members. Contains the hits "For My Broken Heart," "Is There Life Out There," and "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia."
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It's Your Call

Reba McEntire - It's Your Call
MCA Nashville
Reba is a staple in country music, it just wouldn't be the same without her. Her voice is remarkable and oh so very unique. This album is the continuation of For My Broken Heart, and you'll know that when you listen to "Will He Ever Go Away and "The Lighter Shade Of Blue." Since it's one of Reba's many albums, it's hard to say if it's the best, but it's close.
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Greatest Hits 3: I'm a Survivor

Reba McEntire - Greatest Hits III
MCA Nashville
This collection has Reba's best, plus three new tunes that hold their own along with the recognizable hits. Contains "I'm a Survivor," which became the theme song to her hit TV Sitcom Reba.
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Reba McEntire - Reba Live
MCA Nashville
Reba is fantastic live, and any essential collection would have to include an album showcasing her wonderful live shows. This one does just that. Recorded in the early 90's, it spotlights her earlier music, like "Whoever's in New England," "So, So, So Long," and "Little Rock," adding a few covers of "Jolene," "San Antonio Rose," and "Mama Tried."
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Rumor Has It

Reba McEntire - Rumor Has It
MCA Nashville
This album contains the two No 1 songs, "Rumor Has It," and "You Lie," as well as what is probably one of the songs most people think of when they think of Reba, "Fancy."
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If You See Him

Reba McEntire - If You See Him
MCA Nashville
From the opening line of the duet with Brooks & Dunn to the closing track "All This Time," Reba's If You See Him is one of the best CDs she has ever released. Containing four Top 10 hit singles, This CD continued Reba's amazing run of chart success from the 70s to the present.
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Reba Duets

Reba McEntire - Duets
MCA Nashville
On this album, Reba chooses eleven close friends to share the microphone with her. Two of the duets went on to receive nominations at the CMA Awards. In 2007, Reba's duet with Kelly Clarkson, "Because of You" was nominated, and in 2008, Reba's duet with Kenny Chesney, "Every Other Weekend" was nominated. Both were in the Musical Event Category.

The album also contains duets with Vince Gill, Faith Hill, Ronnie Dunn (of Brooks & Dunn), Don Henley, Carole King and others.
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