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Country Music Reviews


Which country albums should be in your collection? What country music books and movies should you buy? You'll find the answers here.
  1. Top Contemporary Country
  2. Top Classic Country
  3. Country Movies
  4. Country Books
  5. Top Selling Country Albums of All Time

Top Contemporary Country

This Is Country Music by Brad Paisley Album Cover

You'll find our recommendations for the best recent country music. Read our reviews of the albums we consider the cream of the current country crop.

Top Classic Country

At Folsom Prison album cover

Here are our suggestions for the best country albums from the far and recent past. Read our reviews to find out why these albums have stood the test of time.

Country Movies


Here are our recommendations of country music movies to add to your collection. We've included video collections, performance videos, TV shows, and videos with miscellaneous country-related topics as our picks.

Country Books

Country Music Pop Up Book - Country Music Hall of Fame

There are many great books available on country music and its stars. Here are some of our favorites.

Top Selling Country Albums of All Time

ropin the wind album cover

The following albums are the biggest selling country music albums of all time. All of them have sold at least 5 million copies. Take a look and see which artists are powerhouses when it comes to record sales.

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