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Matt's Songwriter Spotlight - Craig Wiseman


Craig Wiseman backstage at the 2006 ACM Awards

Craig Wiseman backstage at the 2006 ACM Awards

Shelly Fabian

Craig Wiseman has come a long way in the past fifteen years. Prior to getting his first record cut by Roy Orbison, Craig worked as a drummer in bar band. He earned $150 a week. After the Orbison cut (from his final, Triple-Platinum album Mystery Girl,) Craig with his first publishing company and made his way down the road.

Craig's first hit from that deal was "The Good Die Young," A multi-week No. 1 hit for Tracy Lawrence. From there Craig has had 14 other No. 1 hits recorded by a vernable who's who of country music. His songs are often instantly recogonizable to 'liner-notes' fans, and has seemingly placed a cut on every Kenny Chesney record since Kenny recorded "She's Got It All." In 1997, Craig was named the NSAI (Nashville Songwriter's Association International) Songwriter of the Year.

By 2004, Craig had established his own independent publishing company called Big Loud Shirt Industries and immediately saw the first cut of the company become a multiple award winning hit, including a Grammy for Best Country Song. The song was "Live like You Were Dying." Since 2004, Craig's continued his hit writing ways with songs like Tim McGraw's "My Old Friend," Phil Vassar's "Good Ole Days," Van Zant's "Nobody Gonna Tell Me What To Do," the recent number one for LeAnn Rimes, "Something's Gotta Give" and "Believe," a touching song recorded by Brooks & Dunn that won the 2006 ACM Song Of The Year Award.

With his impressive hit list, Craig Wiseman is one of the best writers working in Nashville today. If there ever was a writer for younger writers to model their career after Craig Wiseman would be the one.

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