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Sugarland Biography




Mercury Nashville

Sugarland Basic Facts:

Name: Jennifer Nettles
Birthdate: September 12, 1974
Birthplace: Douglas, GA

Name: Kristian Bush
Birthdate: March 14, 1970
Birthplace: Knoxville, TN

Sugarland Quote:

When asked, "What does Country Music mean to you," Jennifer Nettles replied: "For me, personally, Country Music is a reminder. It reminds me of my roots and my home. It reminds me of how much I have grown and changed since I left home. It reminds me that we are not alone in that we all share many common, life stories of love, and laughter and pain."

Musical Influences:

Jennifer Nettles was influenced by Southern Gospel music, but also Linda Ronstadt and Juice Newton. Kristian Bush was influenced by the Police and the Replacements.

Sugarland Songwriting:

Right from the start, Sugarland was responsible for writing many of their own songs, starting with their debut single, "Baby Girl" from their Twice the Speed of Life album, to the poignant ACM Award Winning "Stay," from Enjoy the Ride, to their third release, Love on the Inside, where they co-wrote every single track.

Three Become Two:

Sugarland was originally a trio. The third member, Kristen Hall decided to leave the band to concentrate on songwriting in January 2006, making the group a duo.

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Sugarland Biography:

The original Sugarland was born in 2003, and consisted of Jennifer Nettles, Kristian Bush and Kristen Hall. All three members had experience performing, Jennifer with the Jennifer Nettles Band, and Soul Miner's Daughter, Kristian as one half of the duo Billy Pilgram, and Kristen was a solo artist.

Record deal!
In 2004, the group was signed to Mercury Nashville, where they released their debut album, Twice the Speed of Life. The lead single "Baby Girl" moved slowly up the charts, finally peaking at No. 2. The album also charted three more singles with "Something More," "Just Might (Make Me Believe)," and the fun "Down in Mississippi (Up to No Good)."

In early 2006, fans were shocked to hear that Kristen Hall was leaving the group, to stay home and write songs. Everyone wondered if they would get a new member to replace her, or break up. They actually did neither, but instead became a duo, and soon after released their sophomore album, Enjoy the Ride.

True stars
It was with the release of Enjoy the Ride that Sugarland experienced their first super success, as the album produced their first two No. 1 songs, and has to this date sold over two million copies.

In 2007, Sugarland played their first songs as headliners, on the CMT-sponsored tour, "CMT's Change for Change Tour," with opening acts Little Big Town and Jake Owen. It was during this tour that the song "Life in a Northern Town" was performed with all three acts, and the live version of the song was released to radio, even though at the time, it wasn't available for purchase. The song peaked at No. 28 on Billboard.

Special album releases
As 2008 rolled around, the band began recording their third album, and they released the first single, "All I Want To Do," which they debuted on the 2008 ACM Awards. The album, Love on the Inside would be released in two versions. The first, a Deluxe Fan version, would contain twelve new tracks, plus four additional tracks, (one of the new tracks was the live version of "Life in a Northern Town.") and some video content. A week later, the regular version would be released, with just the twelve tracks.

Another headlining tour, entitled Love on the Inside is scheduled to kick off on September 13th in Asheville, North Carolina. Opening acts for the tour will be Ashton Shepherd and Kellie Pickler.

Sugarland just keeps getting better all the time.

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