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Taylor Swift Discography


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'Taylor Swift' (2006)
Taylor Swift Discography
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Taylor Swift's debut album presented the 16-year-old wunderkind to listeners, and country music was never the same. Swift's lead-off single "Tim McGraw" established her talents as a singer... and a songwriter. Impressively, Swift had a hand in writing every song on the record. The debut album was well-received by critics and especially the record-buying public; it spent eight week at #1 on the country album charts and topped out at #5 on the pop charts.

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Track List

  1. "Tim McGraw"
  2. "Picture to Burn"
  3. "Teardrops on My Guitar"
  4. "A Place in This World"
  5. "Cold as You"
  6. "The Outside"
  7. "Tied Together with a Smile"
  8. "Stay Beautiful"
  9. "Should've Said No"
  10. "Mary's Song (Oh My My My)"
  11. "Our Song"
  12. "I'm Only Me when I'm with You" (deluxe edition)
  13. "Invisible" (deluxe edition)
  14. "A Perfectly Good Heart" (deluxe edition)
  15. "Taylor Swift's 1st Phone Call with Tim McGraw"(deluxe edition)

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Album Facts

  • Release date: October 24, 2006
  • Highest U.S. country chart position: #1
  • Highest U.S. pop chart position: #5
  • Certified 5x Platinum
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