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The Band Perry Profile


The Band Perry
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July 2005

Overview of The Band Perry:

The Perry siblings grew up in Mobile, Alabama, where they played together from a young age. After being taken under the wing of Garth Brooks' manager Bobby Doyle, and scoring a record contract with Republic Nashville, The Band Perry exploded on charts with the single "If I Die Young" in 2010.

Trivia About "If I Die Young":

Although it was the second single they released, "If I Die Young" was the first song that The Band Perry wrote for their 2010 self-titled debut.

Musical Influences:

About the Band's Sound:

Kimberly Perry: "The boys and I are steeped in old country.... Neil, being the mandolin player, loves the bluegrass side of things. I’m just so excited for people to see our roots and see what we’ve cut our teeth on musically."

Members of The Band Perry:

  • Kimberly Perry (lead vocal, rhythm guitar, piano)
  • Neil Perry (bass guitar, backing vocals)
  • Reid Perry (drums, mandolin, accordion, backing vocals)

Purchase/Download Songs by The Band Perry:

Recommended Albums:

The Band Perry (2010, Republic Nashville)

Some of The Band Perry's Biggest Hits:

  • "If I Die Young" (No. 1)
  • "You Lie" (No. 8)
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