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The Lost Trailers Profile


The Lost Trailers

The Lost Trailers


The Lost Trailers Band Members:

Ryder Lee: Lead Vocals, Keys, Organ, Acoustic Guitar
Stokes Nielson: Vocals, Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Keys
Jeff Potter: Drums, Vocals
Manny Medina: Rhythm Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Harmony Vocals
Andrew Nielson: Bass, Keys, Mandolin, Harmonica, Harmony Vocals

Band's Hometown:

Atlanta, GA

Musical Influences:

Willie Nelson, Alabama, Johnny Cash, Guns N’ Roses, Travis Tritt, Brooks & Dunn, Bruce Springsteen, Pat Green, Aerosmith, Garth Brooks


Stokes wrote or co-wrote 9 songs on the album.


Debut Single:

"Call Me Crazy" written by Stokes Nielson

Where Did The Band Get Its Name:

The Lost Trailers' name comes from having their tour trailer stolen three times.

Road Dogs:

The Lost Trailers' unique "straight from the hip" country style has been road-tested and approved while performing 200+ dates a year for the past four years.

How did the band form:

The genesis of The Lost Trailers was formed by several members in high school. Stokes (songwriter) & Ryder (lead singer), the founders of the group, have a Mick & Keith relationship. The band is a modern day "Rat Pack" with a real sense of family and Stokes and Andrew are brothers.

Quotes From The Band:

Andrew: What kind of style do you have on stage? "I take pride in having my own style. A lot of people recognize that I have an original bass playing style on stage. But if I had to say someone... if Les Claypool, Geddy Lee, and Allen Woody had an illegitimate child, then his name would be Mule C. Those guys are/were "the show" when onstage."

Manny: What do you think people leave with after a Lost Trailers performance? "I think people leave with a feeling that they have shared an experience with the band. In other words, they leave with a feeling that there is no barrier between us and them. Above all hopefully they leave with a big fu*king smile on their face."

Ryder: Where do you get inspiration? "I am inspired by life, love, music, water, sunshine, nature, honesty, courtesy, controversy, laughter, women, and the unknown. I'm also inspired by my one-eyed dog, Bella, who loves unconditionally; wish I could."

Stokes: Do you have any heroes who inspire you to perform a certain way live? "Yes, Bruce Springsteen, because he leaves it all out on the stage. I've always thought that Willie Nelson does a great job connecting with his audience as well, and it makes you feel as if he is singing straight to you. Also, Alabama and Hank Jr. both put on kickass shows, I saw Hank when I was a kid in Albany, GA, and he blew me away."

Jeff: Which talent would you most like to have? "I'd like to be able to play the piano and be completely fluent in three languages. I also wish that in a different life I could have been a pro-football player. Oh, well."

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