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About Tommy Cash


Eight years younger than his iconic brother, Tommy Cash may never have reached the heights of fame that his brother did, but his talent is extraordinary nonetheless. He began playing in high school, and after a stint in the Army (where he DJ'd Armed Forces Radio), he joined Hank Williams Jr.'s band. He signed with Musicor in 1965, and a year later was on United Artists, where he charted his first major hit, "The Sounds of Goodbye." Tommy continued a steady career, with hits such as "I Recall A Gypsy Woman," "One Song Away," "Rise and Shine," and of course the phenomenally successful crossover ballad, "Six White Horses," the tribute to the Kennedy brothers and Martin Luther King, which came out on Epic Records. He's been a guest star on numerous network shows, and has toured the world, playing and singing for hugely appreciative audiences. He does background voiceovers and has been heard in countless commercials, and he is a very popular guest speaker. He also plays the pro-celebrity golf circuit every year.

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