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Top 20 Country Gospel Songs


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11. Ferlin Husky - 'Wings of a Dove'
ferlin husky greatest hits album cover

Ferlin Husky - 'Greatest Hits' (2009)

Image courtesy of K-Tel Records
Ferlin Husky took gospel music to the pop charts with his #1 country hit "Wings of a Dove." Written by Bob Ferguson, the song uses a dove as a symbol of hope -- a usage borrowed from the book of Genesis: "And he sent forth a dove from him, to see if the waters were abated." The crossover hit peaked at #12 on the pop charts and stayed at the top of country charts for 10 weeks. It continues to be Husky's best known song. Beware of sub-par re-recorded versions.

Religious Song Lyric: "On the wings of a snow-white dove, He sends His pure sweet love. A sign from above! On the wings of a dove."

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