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20 Best Country Songs For Your Spring Break Vacation Playlist


When you go away on your Spring Break vacation, it's only natural that you'll want to bring some great tunes with you. Something upbeat and fun to fit the party atmosphere that most people associate with Spring Break. I've come up with what I feel are twenty of the best country songs to create a great Spring Break playlist.

Alan Jackson - "Good Time"

Arista Nashville
This fun song by Alan Jackson even has a "Good Time" line dance to go with it. A perfect addition to your Spring Break vacation.
"Good Time" Video

Big & Rich - "Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)"

Horse of a Different Color - Big & Rich

This is definitely one of Big & Rich's most popular songs. It's also one of the most fun to dance and sing along with.

Brad Paisley - "Alcohol"

Brad Paisley - 'Time Well Wasted'
Arista Nashville
Brad Paisley can write a tender love song, and then turn around and write a humorous song like "Alcohol," and both will shoot straight to the top of the charts. Here, the alcohol itself is telling the story, and taking the blame when you dance with that lampshade on your head. Fun!
"Alcohol" Video

Brooks & Dunn - "Boot Scootin' Boogie"

Brooks & Dunn - 'Brand New Man'
Arista Nashville
This is another song that has a corresponding line dance to go with it. A definite keeper for your Spring Break vacation.
"Boot Scootin' Boogie" Video

Dierks Bentley - "Sideways"

Dierks Bentley - 'Feel That Fire'
Capitol Nashville
Dierks Bentley since this fun little song about partying and having fun. Perfect addition for this playlist.
"Sideways" Video

George Strait - "All My Exes Live In Texas"

George Strait - '50 Number Ones'
MCA Nashville
Every country music playlist should include a George Strait song, and this is one of his best. He sings of all of his ex-girlfriends, and why they're his exes. They live in Texas, so of course, now he lives in Tennessee.

Jason Aldean - "She's Country"

Jason Aldean - "She's Country"
Broken Bow Records

Jason Aldean does rockin' country best, and this song is a great representation of that style of country. This song expounds the merits of country girls -- from their from her cowboy down home roots to her cowboy roots.
"She's Country" Video

Keith Urban - "Days Go By"

Keith Urban - 'Be Here'
Capitol Nashville
This Keith Urban song made my Favorite Road Trip Songs list. But it really fits in with the Spring Break theme as well. Just a really "feel good" song.
"Days Go By" Video

Kenny Chesney - "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems"

No Shoes No Shirt No Problems
BNA Nashville
This song is from the album of the same name, where Kenny Chesney first started with his island-themed musical style. The song talks about an easy going time, where you can just lie on your chair on the beach with a drink in your hand, and just enjoy life. Isn't this the perfect picture of a Spring Break vacation?
"No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems" Video

Lost Trailers - "Holler Back"

The Lost Trailers - 'Holler Back'
Sony BMG
This is a great singalong song from The Lost Trailers. They sing about a friend that lives in the city in a hip hop world, and how they don't understand what he means when he says "holler back," saying the only holler they know of is back in the woods.
"Holler Back" Video
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