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Best of Dierks Bentley Playlist

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"Settle for a Slowdown"

Dierks Bentley - Modern Day Drifter
His girlfriend is leaving him, and he's standing on the road looking at her drive away, and he hopes to see the "glow of the break lights." He hopes that she'll realize what she's missing, but she doesn't stop, or even slow down.

"So, So Long"

He catches his girlfriend out in a honky tonk that he's visiting, dancing with some other guy, when she told him she was working that night. So, he says goodbye to her, and that she will miss him for so, so long.

"Tryin' to Stop Your Leavin'"

Dierks Bentley - Long Trip Alone
Capitol Nashville
In this song, Dierks sings about a relationship that he knows is ending. He wants to stop her from leaving, but everything he could possibly do would never be enough.

"What Was I Thinkin'

Dierks Bentley - Greatest Hits: Every Mile a Memory
Capitol Nashville
This was Dierks' first song, and it introduced us to the "little white tank top." He sings about sneaking out with a girl who had a really mean daddy that may have spent some time in prison. When he brings her back home, the father is waiting for her in the driveway, and he knows he's gonna have hell to pay. He sings, "'Cause I was thinkin' 'bout a little white tank top sittin' right there in the middle by me."

"Wish It Would Break"

Dierks Bentley - Dierks Bentley
Capitol Nashville
In this song, the relationship is over, but he can't let go of all the things that remind him of her. The picture on the wall, the special song on the radio. He tries slamming the door to make the picture fall down, or banging on the radio when their song comes on, hoping that they'll break. He sings, "This ole heart's got a mind of it's own. It's decided not to let you go.And even though your love's no longer here, it won't let me shed one tear. 'Cause it's still holdin onto yesterday. I wish it would break."
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