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Best of Faith Hill Playlist

Create a playlist with these Faith Hill songs


Faith Hill has had some big hits in her career, both on the country and adult contemporary charts. I've chosen 15 of my favorite Faith Hill songs to create the ultimate Faith Hill playlist. I've included her solo work and some of her duets with hubby Tim McGraw.


Faith Hill - 'Breathe'
Warner Nashville
"Breathe" is probably the biggest song of Faith Hill's career. The song stayed on top of the charts for six weeks. This is the ultimate power ballad. Quite sexy, as was the video that went with the song, which featured Faith laying in a bed wrapped in sheets. *sizzling hot*


Faith Hill - 'Cry'
Warner Nashville
"Cry" is the title cut from Faith's fifth album release. It's decidedly one of the most pop songs she's recorded, but anything she wraps her voice around is magic. The relationship is over, and Faith is hurting, and she asks the guy, "Could you cry a little? Lie just a little? Pretend that your feeling a little more pain?"

"I Need You" (duet with Tim McGraw)

Faith Hill - 'The Hits'
Warner Nashville
I love this intimate performance with Tim. Tim and Faith always sound great together, but this song is especially sweet, especially with the video of them sitting facing each other, and telling how much they need each other.

"It Matters To Me"

Faith Hill - 'It Matters to Me'
Warner Nashville
It's hard when a relationship is ending, as it is in this song. Faith sings about how they don't talk or touch anymore, and she wants to know where she stands. "When we don't talk. When we don't touch. When it doesn't feel like we're even in love. It matters to me."

"It's Your Love" (duet with Tim McGraw)

Tim McGraw - 'Everywhere'
Curb Records
While "It's Your Love" isn't on any of Faith's albums, it was the first duet with hubby Tim McGraw, and can be found on Tim's Everywhere album. What was even more special about the song is that Faith was pregnant with the couple's first daughter, Gracie, when they recorded it. It also topped the charts for six weeks and was the beginning of several romantic duets together.

"Let Me Let Go"

Faith Hill - 'Faith'
Warner Nashville
Anytime you feature Vince Gill on a track, you know a song will be special. This song talks about a relationship that is over, but Faith sings about having a hard time moving on. He's been able to do it, but she can't stop thinking about him.

"Mississippi Girl"

This song was written especially for Faith by John Rich. She sings about the way that the public may perceive her and the way she really is -- a girl who enjoys wearing her old ball cap and giving piggy back rides to her girls.

"Piece of My Heart"

This song is a cover that was originally performed by Janis Joplin. Faith takes this rock song and gives it a country twist. Great fun!

"Take Me As I Am"

Faith Hill - 'Take Me As I Am'
Warner Nashville
This is the title cut to Faith's debut album, released back in 1993. I love the message of the song, as she sings for the guy to take her just as she is. My favorite line of lyrics from the song is: "All I really need is honesty from someone with a strong heart, a gentle hand, who'll take me as I am." Isn't that what most of us want from a guy?

"The Lucky One"

Faith sings that no matter what goes wrong, she always knows that she's the lucky one to have her guy in her life. What a great story this is. Don't we all want that kind of a someone special in our lives?
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