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Top 10 Hottest Country Males


View my list of the hottest guys in country music. View some eye candy of each guy, and the reason they I chose them.

10. Chris Cagle

Chris Cagle
Capitol Nashville
Chris Cagle might not be on everyone's Top 10 list of Hot Country Males, but he's definitely sexy to me. I love that cute little smile, and his openess with his feelings. Sizzle!
Download/Purchase "What Kinda Gone"

9. Trace Adkins

Trace Adkins
Capitol Nashville
I love guys that are tall, and Trace Adkins at 6'6" definitely qualifies there. I especially like that crooked little smile he has. He sings about "One Hot Mama," and he's definitely "One Hot Daddy!"
Download/Purchase "One Hot Mama"

8. Chuck Wicks

Chuck Wicks
Sony BMG
I recently got to see Chuck Wicks in concert, and I gotta say, whew! Not only does he have an incredible voice, that combines country, soul and rock 'n roll, but he's got a killer smile, and oh, those eyes definitely make this girl melt.
Download/Purchase "All I Ever Wanted"

7. Joe Nichols

Joe Nichols
Universal South
Joe has been one of my favorite country males since I first saw him, let alone a guy who is incredible to look at. I love his playful side, and his fun videos. Don't get me near the tequila! *grin* Just kidding.
Download/Purchase "Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off"

6. Billy Currington

Billy Currington
Mercury Nashville
I have a habit of bumping into Billy Currington every time I go to Las Vegas, and believe me, if you thought he was good looking in videos, he's even sexier in person. I'm goind to be in Las Vegas for the 2008 ACM Awards. Wonder if Billy will be there?
Download/Purchase "Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right"

5. Chris Young

Chris Young
Sony BMG
Even if he's young enough to date my daughter, I still think Chris Young is extremely hot. I love his deep baritone voice, and his falsetto when he sings songs like "Drinkin' Me Lonely."
Download/Purchase "Drinkin' Me Lonely"

4. Rodney Atkins

Rodney Atkins
Curb Records
Rodney Atkins is one of the sweetest guys ever. I think my favorite thing about him is the love he has for his family, and his fans. The video for "Watching You" shows the great relationship he has with his young son Elijah. That's my favorite video he's done so far.
Download/Purchase "Watching You"

3. Keith Urban

Keith Urban
Capitol Nashville
What do I love about Keith Urban? His accent? Check. His awesome voice? Check. The amazing guitar skills? Check. That sexy smile? Check. I could go on all day naming things I love, but I'm running out of space. Nicole is such a lucky lady!
Download/Purchase "Making Memories of Us"

2. Keith Anderson

Keith Anderson
Sony BMG
Ok, ordinarily, I don't go for guys that wear do-rags on their head, but Keith Anderson is a major exception. His gorgeous eyes and sparkling smile, and muscular body. Whew!
Download/Purchase "Every Time I Hear Your Name"

1. Josh Turner

Josh Turner
MCA Nashville
Ok, for my number one pick, it just HAS to be the gorgeous Josh Turner. I love his sexy, deep voice, and he's really got the most beautiful blue eyes and bright smile. Yep, he's my Number one pick for sure!
Download/Purchase "Your Man"
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