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Top 3 Essential George Jones Albums


George Jones is known as the "greatest living country singer." His song "He Stopped Loving Her Today" is ranked on many lists as the greatest country song of all time. Early in his career, he had problems with sobriety, and earned the other less complimentary nickname as "No-Show Jones" due to his missing many performances. He was married to Tammy Wynette, and the two recorded some of the best country duets around. It wasn't until he met and married his fourth wife that he was able, with her help to overcome his addictions. Over fifty years into his career, Jones is still sounding better than ever.

'50 Years of Hits'

George Jones - 50 Years of Hits
Bandit Records
How can you go wrong with this 3 CD set encompassing 50 years of hits from one of country music's living legends? There are 50 songs, one song for each year George Jones has been churning out the hits. It starts with the 1955 hit "Why Baby Why" and closes with a song from his last album, "Amazing Grace."
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'I Am What I Am'

George Jones - 'I Am What I Am'
Sony BMG
I Am What I Am is George Jones' 1980 comeback album. After years of problems with drugs and alcohol, Jones was finally sober. The album contains the song many consider the No. 1 country song of all time -- "He Stopped Loving Her Today."
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'16 Biggest Hits' - George Jones & Tammy Wynette

George Jones & Tammy Wynette - '16 Biggest Hits'
Any list of the best from George Jones has to include one of his duet albums with Tammy Wynette. These songs were recorded from 1971 - 1980, and includes hits like "We're Gonna Hold On," "Near You" and "Golden Ring."
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