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Top 5 Guide Picks: Canadian Country Artists


Canada has given us some great country music artists. The top five listed below are some of the most successful acts that are still selling country music in the U.S. today.

1. How I Feel - Terri Clark

The album contains an eclectic mix of styles, from rockin' songs, to ballads, & one that is reminiscent of Patty Loveless' style on which she's backed up by Alison Krauss. There's even a bluesy number that's great as well. In the liner notes Terri notes: "I know this album is a slight departure from my first two albums, I just followed my heart and I hope you like what you hear."

2. Emerson Drive - Emerson Drive

For a group that toured for six years and finally landed in Nashville, only to play seven hours a night after four-hour rehearsals, "Emerson Drive" was a long time coming and boy did they ever hit it big with their self-titled debut on Dreamworks Records. Not only is it generally fun to listen to, you also hear the close bond between the group members in vocals and instruments played.

3. Room With a View - Carolyn Dawn Johnson

Covering every emotion from one end of the spectrum to the other, this CD is a great mix of songs. From the joy of a new love in "You Are," to the heartbreak she endures in "Georgia," she's got it all covered.

4. Come On Over - Shania Twain

You'd be hard pressed to find a conventional CD with that many hits on it, especially a country CD. While other artists are content to release three or four CD's of mediocre quality over the same span of four years, "Come On Over" was such a strong album that Shania could release the nine singles.

5. Nothing But Love - The Wilkinsons

This is the first release from this Canadian trio, which consists of dad Steve, daughter Amanda, and son Tyler. It contains the big hit single "26 Cents," plus the fun "Boy Oh Boy" and more.

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